Feature Show of 2015: Aleya Dao, 7 Cups of Consciousness: Connect to Higher Realms – Emotional Pro

January 1st, 2016

Aleya Dao 225Multidimensional resources are now available to us humans. Sound healer Aleya Dao is author of Seven Cups of Consciousness, through which she gives step-by-step practical guidance for reaching beyond your limited physical experience and energetically opening to the guidance and support of multidimensional resources.

She’ll be talking about specific processes built around “cups of consciousness” that are designed to give us access to the energetic realm and the innumerable resources it contains. How great to have a teacher who can lead you, step-by-step, to firm connection with “all that is”! Make time for this show.

Offering an Internet radio program like Full Power Living allows me to keep my fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge thinking and behavior. The words for these days are things like “Higher Realms,” “multidimensional,” and “Higher Self.” Do you know how to go to these places (or have them come to you—which is it)? This week, Aleya Dao will talk with us about exactly how to get there. Mark your calendar, please. Click here to visit Aleya Dao’s website!

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