June 14 Radio Show: 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life – Emotional Pro

June 14th, 2012

Robin McKenzie of New Zealand is the most prominent physical therapist in the world and the world’s leading expert on self-treatment of back and neck pain. Tens of thousands of health professionals have been trained in the McKenzie Method. In New Zealand, many Toyota vehicles use seats that McKenzie helped design. A study of 293 physical therapists completed by researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle found that a majority believed that Robin McKenzie’s approach is the single most useful way to treat back pain. McKenzie currently acts as an international consultant to organizations involved in research and treatment of mechanical spinal disorders. All of us experience back pain—be sure to listen to what you can do about it that really works! Talk with me on one of our chats or on our toll-free line (800-630-7858)!

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