May 31 Radio Show: Raise Incredible Kids! – Emotional Pro

May 31st, 2012

The amount of parenting material that has proliferated recently is confusing and overwhelming! Mastery takes us to Simplicity. As a single parent for 20 years, Ilene developed a simple approach for Consciously Parenting children so they become self-directing, make their own (great) decisions, and become immune to peer pressure, all the while reducing the usual pressures of parenting. Now the satisfied parent of three grown-up “Incredible Kids” (and 5 “Incredible Grandkids” too), Ilene wants to tell the world how to raise kids in such a way that they remain the Incredible Beings they are at the moment of birth, living as their own authentic selves for their entire lives. Life Coach Deki Fox, an early student of Ilene’s, and mother of three Incredible (adult) Kids she raised, helps Ilene share her story with you.

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