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June 27th, 2015

June 25, Barbara Fleisher & Thelma Reese: The New Senior Woman

the-new-senior-woman_85926865-300x168The largest and fastest-growing part of our population is Senior Women. There IS no role-model for women sixty and older, because they are living their “senior years” differently than the senior women before them. Today’s senior women live longer, are healthier, better educated, more involved in the world, and more active than the women who preceded them. Barbara Fleisher and Thelma Reese have gathered stories from women who are living in new ways, offering others the opportunity to see “how it’s done” in these new times.Book The New Senior Woman

It’s shocking to me, at age 72, to have someone refer to me and people my age as “old” or “elderly.” Two months ago I was zip-lining through the jungles of Belize and swimming with a jaguar in Honduras. This week I was riding a Segway through California wine country. If we’d had snow this year, you would have found me on the downhill slopes. We don’t think of ourselves as “old.” We certainly do not behave the way our mothers and their mothers behaved at 72 (if, indeed, they made it to that age). So how do we figure out the best ways to conduct our lives? Find out this Thursday. Click here to visit Barbara and Thelma’s website.


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