July 2, Paula Rosenfeld: The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) – Emotional Pro

June 27th, 2015

PaulaRosenfeld_homePageIt’s time to end humanity’s suffering. Humanity, Paula Rosenfeld tells us, has been gifted with an amazing energy that catalyzes awakening, creating a neurobiological shift in the brain. Once accomplished, people experience reduced stress, enhanced awareness, joy, inner peace, TheOnenessBlessing_bookCoverauthenticity, and perception of the oneness that animates and unifies all life. And that, my friend, is “all” our program is about this week. 

One of the wonderful things about having an on-going radio broadcast is that people working as publicists find out about your show and send you opportunities to work with interesting guests. In Sonoma County, California, not far above San Francisco, one such publicist, Warwick Associates, focuses on authors whose information concerns energy fields, conspiracy theories, and other areas that push the boundaries of our minds. They brought me Deeksha. I’m excited to learn about it and share it with you. It promises to be a way to help humanity surge forward in our current “awakening.” Listen and move forward with me. Do you really want to miss it? Please don’t! Click here to visit Paul Rosenfeld’s website!

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