June 21 Radio Show: The Nature of Personal Reality According to Metaphysics and Neuroscience – Emotional Pro

June 22nd, 2012

This is a 90-minute Mini-Conference! What if we took a world authority on the teachings and philosophies of a discarnate individual, Seth, and sat him down with a scientist and authority on Synchronicity, and asked them questions concerning the nature of our personal reality? Questions like “How does the subconscious mind work?” and “Can we really manifest the lives we want to live, continuously?” and “How do we best identify and develop our hidden talents?” and “Can a person really get over early childhood pains and traumas and lead a full and unencumbered life? If so, How?” Bring your questions and challenges and pose them on one of our chats or on our toll-free line (800-630-7858)!

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