February 23 Radio Show: Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags – Emotional Pro

February 23rd, 2012

Has your life taken an unexpected twist or turn? Is your life path moving in a direction you didn’t plan? Have you been caught off guard by downsizing, divorce, financial or other losses? Do you find that strategies that worked a year ago just don’t have the same impact now? You need innovative ways to create stability and direction to manage your life and career more effectively and successfully, so you can maintain a livable work-life balance. Allison Blankenship (with co-author Bonnie Michaels) offers 29 strategies to move your life in a positive direction in her book, How to Zig When Life Zags: 29 Tips for Sustainable Success, the focus of her appearance. Bring your frustrations and discover a way through them with Allison’s consultation!

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