Mental Health and Metapsychiatry with Diana and Bruce Kerievsky – Emotional Pro

September 28th, 2006

9/28/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Thomas Hora integrated spirituality with psychiatry long before it became fashionable. Two of his students, Bruce and Diana Kerievsky, join us to discuss their understanding of “mental health” and tell listeners what “metapsychiatry” is all about. They present the four keys for full living, Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love. Your own level of peacefulness and joyful living will be elevated as you hear these simple, yet powerful, concepts and learn how to activate them in your life.
Segment 1: How It Is That Problems Come From Disharmony?
Metapsychiatry teaches that difficulties in life come from being out of harmony with “reality.” Bruce and Diana Kerievsky discuss what “reality” is and how that connects to our meaning and purpose as humans, according to the tenets of Metapsychiatry. Discover the who, what and why of useless questions in life, and what to do in asking meaningful, purposeful questions, instead.
Segment 2: Metapsychiatry and Emotions–The Opposite of Love is Not Hate!
Rather than “doing” things “right” in this life, says Bruce Kerievsky, we need to aim for becoming a “benefical presence.” To do this, learn to follow the “4 W’s,” which helps us to re-orient when we have temporarily lost our way. Hear the relationship between love and manipulation, and why guilt is boasting, according to Dr. Hora’s tenets of Metapsychiatry.
Segment 3: Humans as Value-driven, Thought-Processing Beings
Diana Kerievsky tells us we suffer from what we cherish, hate or fear. These emotions become a magnet for our experience, according to Metapsychiatry, yet also give us the way out. We can examine and change that we cherish, hate or fear, and become “observers” instead, moving in the flow of “something larger” than ourselves. Hear the explanation for why “nothing comes into experience uninvited,” and “problems are lessons designed for our edification,” as the Kerievsky’s explain Dr. Hora’s attempt at blending spiritual understanding with psychiatry.

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