Show of the Year for 2012! Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code, Body Code & Heart Wall – Emotional Pro

December 27th, 2012

Show of the Year for 2012!  

         Dr. Bradley Nelson   

Dr. Bradley Nelson

The focus of Full Power Living is on “transforming our world through understanding the power and importance of human emotions.” When we have a program, therefore, in which my guest talks about the importance of emotions, shares techniques for releasing “trapped emotions,” and then demonstrates the release of both trapped emotions and the dissolving of my own Heart Wall, it has GOT to be our Program of the Year. You will enjoy listening to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s enthusiasm and dedicaton to service as he helps people release the emotional blockages to living their fullest potential. I offer this wonderful program to  close out this year of 2012.

We are grateful to ALL our fabulous guests, as well as the many publicity agents and publishers who have shown faith in our show over the years. I am most grateful to be able to learn so many cutting-edge ideas, open myself in ways I did not know how to open, and have the great pleasure of exploring, with the author of incredible ideas, their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Thank you!! 

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