Aug 7 Radio Show: All About Prescription "Medication Madness"! – Emotional Pro

August 6th, 2008

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How do you react to the incessant television ads for prescription medication, which insist you “ask your Dr. about whether you will benefit from a prescription for…..”?  Drug companies are brazenly (and legally) touting medications which, in many cases, has horrendous side effects that even prescribing doctors don’t realize.  Finally, someone who knows medications, knows the side-effects, and even has inside knowledge of the underhanded profit-motivated methods used by drug manufacturers, has written a book, Medication Madness, to inform us as fully as possible about what we can get ourselves into when we “pop a pill.”  Dr. Peter Breggin is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, medical expert witness and author who “tells it like it is.”  His appearance will be followed by discussant, neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, who has been working with the human brain for more than 40 years.  Let’s get to the bottom of “Medication Madness,” so that you and our world can be safer and more sane!

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