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May 31 Radio Show: Raise Incredible Kids! – Emotional Pro

May 31st, 2012

The amount of parenting material that has proliferated recently is confusing and overwhelming! Mastery takes us to Simplicity. As a single parent for 20 years, Ilene developed a simple approach for Consciously Parenting children so they become self-directing, make their own (great) decisions, and become immune to peer pressure, all the while reducing the usual […]

May 24 Radio Show: Teaching Children to Listen to Their Bodies – Emotional Pro

May 24th, 2012

I’ve asked my friend, Steve Sisgold (author of What’s Your Body Telling You?), to apply the material from his book to the issue of teaching children how to nurture, cherish, appreciate, listen to, and healthily live within their own bodies! It turns out, this is the topic for his next book. Can you imagine what […]

May 17 Radio Show: The God Box: Sharing My Mother's Gift – Emotional Pro

May 17th, 2012

Mary Lou’s mother had a unique way of dealing with her children’s challenges. She submitted petitions to God, placing them in her “God Box” as she dealt with her concern for her children by asking for help. After her death, Mary Lou discovered the box, which contained the history of her family’s challenges over decades […]

May 10 Radio Show: How to Raise a Millionaire – Emotional Pro

May 10th, 2012

Since the world’s “economic meltdown” in 2008, a lot of us have realized how important mindset is in earning money and creating wealth. We’ve also learned how much we were not taught about casting a big net, thinking big so we can allow big earnings to find their way to us! One mother has focused […]

May 03 Radio Show: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms – Emotional Pro

May 4th, 2012

100 different ways to reduce stress, handle common issues, and stay upbeat, as you raise your children! Kris has been part of the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” empire founded with her self-help guru husband, Dr. Richard Carlson, for decades. Her ideas on self-nourishment and self-care are helpful in all of life where stress is […]