May 24 Radio Show: Teaching Children to Listen to Their Bodies – Emotional Pro

May 24th, 2012

I’ve asked my friend, Steve Sisgold (author of What’s Your Body Telling You?), to apply the material from his book to the issue of teaching children how to nurture, cherish, appreciate, listen to, and healthily live within their own bodies! It turns out, this is the topic for his next book. Can you imagine what your own life would have been like if you had learned to listen to your body—to hear when it needed care so you didn’t get sick, to know when you were asking it to store an over-abundance of emotions like fear or anger, to stretch and take it for happy walks, or to appreciate how well it serves you for decades and decades (even if you don’t treat it as well as you could)? What if you could have started out with a more aware and balanced approach to your body? That’s what we’ll be exploring!

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