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August 8th, 2011

Ok, you’ve jumped through a couple of hoops to get here. To test it out, we made our technical guy, “Producer Paul” go through the process and he reported it was great fun and good exercise! Your download link is below.




But wait! (Now we sound like an infomercial)… In addition, we have a feature product for you, a downloadable e-book entitled “Bouncing Back from Anger and Argument.”  In it, you’ll learn more about anger, about why we argue, and some things you can do to argue less.  The normal price for this book is $14.99, yet special for you, is right now available for only $9, a 40% discount! This price will be in effect for only a short time, so be sure to get your copy today.

Bouncing Back After Anger and Argument – $14.99 $9.00

Anger and argument Do you know why you argue? When you do argue, do you know what approach to take so that you begin to argue less—or to set things up so that you no longer argue over the same things? If you want to know how to work with arguments you get into, so that they lead you to new (and better) ways of interacting, this booklet is for you! Filled with how-to’s and specific techniques, including the “Payoffs” that keep people angry for a lifetime. Learn to use anger and argument to become a better and happier person.



OK, one last thing...our 7 Week Video Course, Turning Anger Into Enthusiasm will be starting in the Fall (not too far away, so watch our announcements in the newsletter). Among the things you will learn:

  • What emotions are designed to do
  • The “signals” anger gives to us every day
  • The “universal cause” of anger
  • The personal, social and financial costs of staying angry
  • Why people hold onto anger
  • How to change the things that anger you
  • Ways to work with anger in relationships
  • Why turning loose of anger is so important
  • All about how to turn loose of anger
  • What to do instead of getting angry
  • Tools for empowering yourself so anger is not your route

We’ll be notifying everyone about this in our newsletter.

Thanks so much for visiting. Here’s to good health, and healthy emotions!

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