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August 24th, 2016


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Cruise 2015 067I’m also offering a downloadable video course entitled “Live A Fear-Less Life”.  This course, priced at $21.95, is available for listeners of Toni Greene’s program, for $15. 

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Find out what Fear is; and when we first experience it. And do you know what fear was designed to do for us? Or what it is actually  doing for us today? Once you know these things, you’ll understand why we want to master Fear and eliminate as much far as possible. Why it is possible to develop an ability to live a “fear-less life.” Plus, a method for mastering fear that you will find nowhere else that can change your life forever. Imagine living with next-to-no fear for the rest of your life! This is possible once you complete this one-hour course! You’ll find out what to put in the place of the fear you’ve been experiencing, so your life becomes “fear-less”!

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Becoming “The Emotional Pro” occurred because Ilene had a lot of out-of-control emotion, particularly anger. She studied for many years to discover the most simple, yet effective, way to understand and work with emotions, thus earning her “title”!

IleneCroppedIlene Dillon, MSW, aka “The Emotional Pro,” brings to our world her wisdom from 45 years of helping others sort out their lives, as a Coach, Psychotherapist, Recovered Angry Person, Author, Professional Speaker and Internet Radio Show Host (Full Power Living). She helps people make lasting changes, freeing themselves from Co-Dependence, Mastering their Emotions, Consciously Parenting Their Children, Empowering Themselves, and following spiritual Principles for living harmoniously. Ilene and her work have been featured inpublications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, Care Notes,, Personal Excellence, Inner Peace Parenting Magazine, and Woman’s Day.  Ilene is available for consultation on Skype.

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