Steve N. Lee "What If…" Bonus – Emotional Pro

June 7th, 2010

Here at Emotional Pro, we are dedicated to helping people rethink emotions, so we can return all people to home baqse–using emotions as the valuable navigational tools they were designed to be. Each emotion we feel offers us a signal, provides an opportunity for learning, and invites to grow as we deal with it. 


We have three brand new products for your download today, one-hour Minicourses on Self-Esteem, Co-Dependence and Anger, prepared in cooperation with My Expert Solution (, where Ilene is an Expert on these topics.


Gift #1:  4 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be built, sustained, and repaired by utilizing the Building Blocks of Self-Esteem. In this Minicourse, we offer you the 4 main Building Blocks, along with information about how to work with each of them.


  Download "4 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem"

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And if you’d like more about Self-Esteem, visit, where you will find Ilene’s e-booklet, “Bouncing Back From Low Self-Esteem,” which lists all 7 of the Building Blocks, with even more explanations and helpful stories. 



Gift #2:  Ending Co-Dependence:  The Bottom Line

We are all born co-dependent, so co-dependence in childhood is natural. In adulthood, while co-dependence is “normal,” it is no longer “natural.”  Discover the one change you can make that will move you out of the realm of those who manipulate so you will no longer suffer from destructive Co-dependence.


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If you thirst for information on this topic, visit for Ilene’s e-booklet “Bouncing Back From Energy-Sapping:  Protecting Yourself from Undesirable Energy Loss,” which includes a handy “Energy-Sapping Digest” which will speed your ability with this important set of skills.



Gift #3:  Stop Anger Now! (Taming Our Most Active Emotion)

Nobody deals with problems more effectively than someone who has had problems and learned how to overcome them. Ilene Dillon is a “Recovering Angry Person” with a practical, effective, and easy-to-understand system for not only managing anger, but mastering it— putting you in charge.

Download "STOP ANGER NOW!"

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If you hunger to recover from anger, once and for all, visit for Ilene’s e-booklet “Bouncing Back From Anger and Argument,” which includes a wonderful exposition on why we argue that can assist you in improving your closest relationships, starting today.



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