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July 27th, 2009

Obtain  The ABCs of Love:  Building Emotional Foundations for Life
          The ABCs of Anger:  Building Emotional Foundations for Life


for a rock-bottom price.  Normally sold for $ 15 each, the information they contain is priceless.  And we’re offering both of them to you today for even less than the already-low price!

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., has written these books to assist parents in teaching their children, from the beginning of life, to work with and master their emotions!

A pioneer in the Emotional Literacy/Emotional Intelligence field, Ilene advances the notion that emotions are provided to human beings for a reason.

By teaching your child(ren) the true purpose of Love, Anger and Loneliness, along with the signal they provide, she or he has the opportunity to live childhood and adulthood in an emotionally balanced, powerful way from the beginning. 

Imagine your child refusing to do something dangerous with friends because s/he is listening to an inner voice they trust.  Imagine what it would be like, as your child is a teenager or young adult who has gone a bit “off the track,” that your child has the internal strength to ask:  “Is this what I really want for my life?”  And then that same inner strength is used to come back “on track”—without effort, worry, pushing or intervention by you?  Think of your child as an adult, filled with such emotional resilency that she or he can bounce back after losing a job, world-wide economic crash, divorce, enduring a natural disaster or some other event that could destroy the will of a weaker person!  This is the kind of help these books can offer you.  Building your child from the inside, where emotions are, will safeguard your child in a way that nothing else can.  And the strength they will have cannot be taken away by any one or any thing.

Because of the principle The Way Something Starts Out, It Tends to Continue, it is vitally important that your child begins life with his or her emotions in a powerful and masterful way.  You can help your child do this with the help of Ilene’s books on Love, Loneliness and Anger, three emotions that play a big role in your child’s life.

                   “You are such an inspiration for me.  It’s like you’re sitting
                   onmy shoulder whispering in my ear throughout the day. 
                   You’ve been a wonderful guru/teacher/counselor all these
                   manyyears.  With gratitude and great love. “ Judith N

These are the words of a woman who has benefitted from the great wisdom, practical suggestions and information gleaned from the teachings and writings of Ilene Dillon—which is in every page of her writing.

Here’s an excerpt from The ABCs of Love:

        Seven skills inherent in the act and state of loving have
        been identified…..Because a loving person utilizes these
        skills, and is characterized by there behaviors, your
        feelings of love will automatically increase as a result
        of you and your child learning and practicing them

        Fortunately, love can be (and is) developed by practicing
        the skills of love. 

You will learn the 7 Skills of Love and how to work with them.  You will be given activities that you and your child can do together to build love, to prevent problems with love, and to “process” or work with love.  Most of these activities are fun and creative.

This will be the only time you will see this offer! 

BOTH The ABCs of Love:  Building Emotional Foundations for Life and The ABCs of Anger:  Building Emotional Foundations for Life are available to you—for immediate download—at the phenomenally low price of just $20!  This is one-third less than the normal price for information that is nowhere else available, for understanding you can get today, and activities you can do with your child immediately.


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