October 25 Radio Show: The Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Wellness – Emotional Pro

October 26th, 2012

These days, not many people can claim to bring themselves all the way back—to normal life and functioning—following years of psychiatric breakdown and medication, from which 11 psychiatrists predicted he would never recover.  Paul Huljich has done that, developing a practical and easily-worked 9-step program that helped him recover, and has kept him healthy, strong and emotionally stable for 12 years. A New Zealand native, highly successful businessman in the organic foods industry, and a philanthropist, Huljich now lives in the U.S., where his is completing a multi-city book and seminar tour to share this approach with as many stressed-out people as he can. Join me as I talk with this warm-hearted and courageous man.

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