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December 3rd, 2008

Personally, I think Sandy Nathan is the “J.K. Rowling” for adults.  I am delighted that you have purchased a copy of Sandy’s Stepping Off the Edge, which chronicles Sandy’s own spiritual seeking–a tale much like yours!  It is my honor to participate in Sandy’s special presentation of Stepping Off the Edge, as well as to be a part of Sandy’s forthcoming Numenon, the first of an entire fiction series.  Enjoy!
All of us are utilizing Principles more these days, having learned that living by Principle can make life easier!  As a psychotherapist, I’ve been helping people live their lives on the basis of Principle for over 35 years, watching them become happier, more centered, and live in more fulfilling relationships (with themselves and with others!).  So I am offering you a list of Principles that govern life, especially in relationships, that have been identified over the past 35 years, the result of looking into hundreds of lives.  Operating on the basis of Principle puts us more in harmony with Mother Nature and our own Spiritual selves.  If you want to have satisfying relationships, feel good about yourself, manifest the life you want to live, and develop as a Spiritual Being, these Principles are for you!  We offer you these three gifts:

1.      A listing of “Principles Governing Life and Relationships” compiled by Ilene Dillon. 32 Principles that  will assist you in navigating relationships of all types, many of which may be new to you.
2.      A special half-hour recording by Ilene on “Principles Governing Life and Relationships” that will assist you in utilizing these principles in all the relationships of your life.  This recording has been made to help you discover how to apply them in your own life.
3.      A 7 minute recording that can change your life!  Starting with the question “How much of what people learn on their Honeymoon do they think they remember and use over ensuing decades,” this speech by Ilene Dillon, The Emotional Pro, is like nothing you have ever heard! Entitled “What I Learned on My Honeymoon That Helped Me in the Speaking Business,” Ilene uses humor and a fantastic (but true!) story to illustrate how to draw principles out of the experience of your daily life, for use in business and personal success.  Don’t miss this opportunity to laugh and learn!
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