November 12th, 2013

Accessing Universal Intelligence Mentoring

During this decade, new energies have been made available here on the earth. As a result, ordinary people can do amazing things, such as deep physical and emotional healing, and Accessing Universal ui MentorIntelligence. During 2013, I trained to be an Accessing Universal Intelligence (AUi) Mentor, which has enabled me to communicate with my own Higher Self, as well as the Higher Selves of other people. My aim is to bring this technology to Parents, and then to children, through the vehicle of Profound Parenting. Listen to the podcasts (posted at the bottom of this page) of Accessing Universal Intelligence co-founders, Daniel and Sonja Rechnitzer, for more information about this approach. They appeared on our Full Power Living Radio program during 2013.

Daniel’s podcast gives an overview, while Sonja’s talks about Natural, Pain Free Childbirth and Profound Parenting. I’ve also posted a session in which Sonja answers the questions of callers, to give you and idea of how that process goes. The exciting thing is that now Everyone can Access Universal Intelligence, including you!

What Happens in a Mentoring Session?After clearing myself of ego and limiting beliefs, I am able to make connection with my Higher Self, who is connected with Universal Intelligence. My Higher Self, with permission from yours, can then access your Higher Self (HS). Your HS can then offer information, suggestions and answers you need in order to grow, change, and improve your life. Once you have the information your HS wants you to have, you are free to make use of it and make changes.

You can find out such things as:

  • What beliefs you hold that are keeping you from moving ahead with your life or business
  • What your child needs to resolve problems and/or personality conflicts
  • What to say to an aging parent you need to place in a nursing home to make things go smoothly
  • What beliefs stand between you and making adequate income
  • What is causing difficulties between you and someone you love
  • What underlies health issues with which you struggle

What you do with this information is up to you, and is part of your personal growth trajectory


Imagine being able to go to “The Source” (YOUR Source) to get the answers you need!
This is now both possible and available!

You can now access your Higher Self with assistance from Ilene Dillon, Certified UI Mentor! Sessions are conducted anywhere in the world by Phone/Skype. As a new “Mentee” you can take advantage of a free 15-minute session with Ilene. Thereafter, 45-minute sessions are just $155.00 USD prepaid.

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 Podcasts (click on each below to go to that episode page and listen)

March 14, 2013     Daniel Rechnitzer   “The All-Knowing Diary”
June 20, 2013       Sonja Rechnitzer     Natural, Pain-Free Childbirth & Profound Parenting
Sept 19, 2013       Sonja Rechnitzer     Bonus, Q&A With Your Higher Self
Nov 21, 2013        Sonja Rechnitzer     Q & A with Your Higher Self
Feb 13, 2014         Sonya Rechnizer     Answers From Your Higher Self
April 3, 2014          Daniel Rechnitzer    Call In For Answers From Your Higher Self

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