March 20 Radio Show: 3 Unsusual Secrets That Turn Absolutely Anyone into an Artist–Fast! – Emotional Pro

March 17th, 2008

Sandra Angelo is America’s Fantastic Art Teacher! For 18 years, she has urged people who think they have no “talent” to follow her techniques and instruction, turning some of them into international artists whose works are exhibited in the Smithsonian! If you ever thought “I’d like to draw or paint someday, if only….” then listen to Sandra when she appears on Full Power Living. She’ll be discussing why art is important to children–and to adult children! AND, she includes a free, online art class for YOU, so you can see how fast your own capabilities can develop. You don’t have to be “artistic” to draw, any more than you have to be “athletic” to play sports–it’s a matter of practice and development. Be sure to listen to this show!

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