What Our Listeners Have to Say – Emotional Pro

March 21st, 2007

Thank you for your show. Your warm, relaxed manner makes me feel like you are right there with me sharing coffee. You have a way of asking questions that showcase your guests at their very best.”
Marty, Fairfax, CA

Thanks for a super survey, Ilene! You are SOME WOMAN. I truly appreciate your time and your sharing your thoughts from your experiences and careful thinking over the years. Congratulations on the YOU you have made yourself to be.
Terry Bird

The times that I engineered your show and a couple of times listening in on the archives-I think you have a great show! I think it provides a very positive inspiration for the community. To your success!
Alana Seifi, World Talk Radio

FPL is my fav. show. A pleasant and entertaining host first. And you are that. One thing I enjoy is that you engage your guest very well. I love that.
Joe Guerrera, World Talk Radio Engineer

Ilene Dillon is a very well-prepared host who asks questions very pertinent to the subject of the day, such as The Solution method, and able to bring out the key points to the work. Her positive, curious energy comes through. She also shows her own adventurousness in being willing to experiment with the techniques we teach, live and on air, and being willing to report her emotional experience on air, too. It’s powerful for the listener and the guest for her to be willing to read and experience the work, and then to share her experience! It’s a whole other level of interviewing!
Bonnie Hoag, M.F.T., Trainer, The Solution Plan

During much of the work day, I have computer talk radio on. As to what effect it’s had on my life–I can’t say that my house is
completely Feng Shui’d yet, (that was the first show I started listening to) or that I’m doing meditation every day, or that my affirmations are up to snuff, but I’ve picked up a lot of handy insights, and started paying more attention to my own intuition, emotions, and feelings of self worth—very positive experiences!
BTW–in reference to the show featuring Laurel Mellon and THE SOLUTION—I wound up buying and reading THE PATHWAY–I found it of great help!! Her system of “inventorying” emotions and processes is really helpful in working through “rough spots”.
Thanks for the work you are doing. I hope it is as profitable to you as it is useful to your listeners.
L.W., New Hampshire

Too Cool………..I have enjoyed the archives on WorldTalkRadio more than you can know…….I can not wait to read your new book. I have truly enjoyed your show; more than you could ever know. I listen to archived shows everyday at work and I gain so much from them daily. Thank you for all that you do.
Steve Meeks, Birmingham, AL

I just wanted to let you know that I’m REALLY enjoying your shows. I found out that I can download them without any problems … hmm… good news… I’m planning on listening to most of them… really wonderful. GREAT job!
Anne Lambert, Sacramento, CA

I have just recently discovered your show. I have downloaded some of your interviews with guests onto my Mp3 player and listen to them while I am in the gym or driving in my car (convert them to CD format). Thank you so much for such excellent content.
My problem is that now that I have started listening I want to listen to everything and I find that some of the shows in 2004-2005 cannot be downloaded – although the link is there to download it does not work when you click on the link to download. Any chance of that being rectified? Once again thank you for a great show.
Alice Hopley, South Africa
[Ilene’s note: Shows recorded prior to June of 2006 are not available in MP3 format, unfortunately–Windows Media, only!]

Ilene, thanks so much for taking the initiative to interview Ofer Zur. He certainly isn’t politically correct, but he offers a much needed point of view. I applaud you for taking on this subject that may not be “popular.” Keep up the good work.
Richard Friesen

This looks great. hope you’re enjoying it all…. it’s a wonderful service. sending love and blessings to you for the new year.
Karilee Shames, R.N., California

Thank you for sending me World Talk Radio … i enjoy very much
Deanna Neuberg, Illinois

I read “Chapter 12” [of Happiness is a Decision of the Heart, by Ilene Dillon] over the weekend, when I had a few minutes of peace and quiet. Coincidentally, I had a funeral to go to on Sunday. I was so glad to have read your beautiful words PRIOR to going to the funeral because it was a completely different experience for me than it otherwise would have been. How you discussed “living with love.” I, of course, will miss ____ dearly as I grew up with all of her kids and we have memories that go back decades. But now I feel so “honored” to have had her in my life. Your discussion about Grandmother and also your husband’s former wife……..the entire piece was just so thought-provoking and uplifting. Thank you for sending it to me.
Sheryl Kurland, Author, Everlasting Matrimony

What an inspiring program. Perfect time of the year to hear something positive! Thank you so much for your kindness and wealth of experience with radio in your last message. Yes, I’d love to be on the program again at some point.
Laurel Mellin, Author, The Pathway and The Three Day Solution Plan

I enjoy receiving your newsletter and hearing about what’s coming up on your show. “When Elephants Weep” has been on my list of things to read for a long time now. Thanks for reminding me about it!
Heather Ambler, San Francisco, CA

I recently came across your show on the internet and am greatly impressed. I’ve listened to several shows.
Rod Thompson

So glad you are interviewing Py [Kim Conant]. I wrote a blurb for her book – it’s terrific.
Elayne Savage, Ph.D., The Queen of Rejection™, professional speaker, workplace consultant, communication coach, media commentator, psychotherapist, and author of DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! THE ART OF DEALING WITH REJECTION and BREATHING ROOM-CREATING SPACE TO BE A COUPLE

Listened to your talk with Dr. Brickey; enjoyed your presence and adroit handling of the subject and your guest.
Robert-Harry Rovin