Download "7 Emotional Signals" Gift Offer and Products

June 14th, 2010

This free gift and products at discount are not intended to take the place of working with a qualified counselor, coach or psychotherapist, so please seek help if your issue persists or seems overwhelming to you. Thanks for what you are doing to improve the quality of your own life, which improves the quality of life for us all!
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For first-time visitors only, check out this special offer!  Ilene has recently produced three mini-courses to help people conquer Low Self-esteem, get anger under their control and discover the one thing that can lead them out of co-dependent, manipulative relationships.  Right now, you can get a 40% discount!
Offer #1: End Anger Now: Taming Our Most Active Emotion Discover what you can
do, today, to reduce the amount of anger in your life, and then continue to keep your anger in check, without the need to “manage” or maintain constant vigilance.
Offer #2: Co-Dependence:  The Bottom Line Do you know what’s the one thing you
can do to stop drawing manipulative, co-dependent people into your life?  Find out in this powerful mini-course!
Offer #3: 4 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem While giving you a powerful principle to
follow in building or repairing your Self-esteem, Ilene offers you the four things you can begin to add to your life today that will raise your Self-esteem and keep it high.  Don’t miss it
Offer #4: All-3 Mini-courses for one low price! “Buy all three of these life-changing
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