December 03 Radio Show: Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer – Emotional Pro

December 2nd, 2009

Psychologist, cancer survivor and former 1st Airborne member Neil Fiore, Ph.D., shares how to become an active patient and take charge of your treatment when diagnosed with cancer.  Fiore appears on Internet radio’s Full Power Living 9 a.m. PT (10 MT, 11 CT, Noon ET) December 03, 2009. Chat live on the site or call toll-free, 800-630-7858.

Nearly 1.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with cancer in 2009 (American Cancer Society).  Over one-half million have died.  Neil Fiore was 32 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given one year to live.  He told himself he would not live that year in fear or being controlled by doctors.  Dr. Fiore has survived metastasized cancer for over 30 years and is dedicated to encouraging other patients to be active and take charge of their treatment.  Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer discusses the steps of dealing with the stress and depression of cancer and its treatment, as well as how to communicate with doctors and family.  More important, he suggests ways to build emotional support systems with physicians, family and friends, while exploring the type of personal attitudes to maintain so you can profoundly impact the course of your recovery.  Neil Fiore, PhD, appears on Full Power Living on December 03.

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