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March 25th, 2009

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Bonus #2 – “Emotions:  Our Human User’s Manual”

Emotions are really the “stuff” of life.  They’ve been given to each of us as incredible “gifts,” available for our use 24/7.    In the “Emotions: Our Human User’s Manual,” you’ll discover the “signal” given by 7 common emotions, some of which have been discussed in Ilene Dillon’s Conscious Relationships Summit session, “Emotions as Spiritual Guides in Relationship.”

The emotions include:

We also have two Incredible Offers for you, with information nowhere else available, that will assist you in your efforts to create conscious relationships and conscious families.  After you have downloaded the Human User’s Manual information, you will be sent to a page with two incredible offers, priceless to your life, but available to you for a total of only $6!

Download Emotions: Our Emotional Users Manual” Here


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