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August 20, Steve Sisgold: Whole Body Intelligence – Emotional Pro

August 23rd, 2015

Your body has intelligence? You can test for “B Q”? According to our friend, Steve Sisgold, our body does have intelligence, and that intelligence is a huge factor in living a successful life. Steve’s information is compelling, fresh, and very relevant to your life. Listen for his practical tools and outline of his program for…

July 9, Dr. Carmen Harra & Alexandra Harra: Karma in Your Relationships! – Emotional Pro

July 11th, 2015

July 9, Dr. Carmen Harra & Alexandra Harra: Karma in Your Relationships! A concern for karma led me to forgive someone close to me who seriously violated me in my childhood. I thought “If there IS anything to reincarnation and karma, then it means if I don’t tidy up this issue of me being so…

June 18, Karla McLaren: The Language of Emotions – Emotional Pro

June 13th, 2015

June 18, Karla McLaren: The Language of Emotions Do you realize your feelings are trying to tell you something? Even our most “negative” emotions are bearing gifts, working hard to help us successfully navigate our lives. Award-winning author and pioneering educator Karla McLaren has healed her own childhood trauma, as well as helping others as…

May 28, Stacey Couch: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks – Emotional Pro

May 28th, 2015

Life often throws us a curve, especially when we least suspect it. Wildlife biologist Stacey Couch went off to work with a captive breeding program for foxes, and ended up being guided by hawks in what appeared to be an “accidental vision quest” provoked by her isolation. Until she later works with a gifted shamanic…

April 30, Dr. Anders Nilsson — Spiritual Transformation: The Gentle Way of the Heart – Emotional Pro

April 30th, 2015

If you’ve faced some of the hardscrabble of life, chances are you aren’t always as gentle as you want to be. Dr. Anders Nilsson is one of the most unique authors in the literary genre of Body Mind Spirit, at once a renowned scientist at Stanford University and a spiritual teacher. He says: “I believe…

Sept 25, OMENA: Your Soul and Its (Your) History – Emotional Pro

September 28th, 2014

OMENA is a Soul Historian. From your soul’s history, she’s able to explain; why you live life the way you do. She describes the issues you are here to work on, enlightens you about your relationships with family, friends and others,  and explains why these relationships are a part of your soul’s journey. As we expand…

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