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April 13th, 2010

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We have another gift for you. 

Taken from the book, Happiness is a Decision of the Heart, we have “Choosing Love as a Way of Life,” Ilene Dillon’s contribution to the book. It is filled with heartwarming stories about connecting with people during crisis times, so that you are heart-connected.  Enjoy it with our compliments.

“Choosing Love As A Way of Life”

Grandmother was tied to her wheelchair, sitting in the entryway of the nursing home.  She had always been a proud woman, excellent with words, and precise in her grooming.  Now she was wearing a robe, hair akimbo, with her head dropped forward onto her chest.  “She’s really out of it today,” said the attendant as I entered the building. But grandmother and I had the most amazing discussion!  Find out how, and what about, in this chapter from the book Happiness is a Decision of the Heart. 
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