Anger and Emotions Packet – Emotional Pro

September 20th, 2011

As someone interested in the “signals” emotions
give to us, you are qualified to get
this special package:

Book            Bouncing Back from  Anger & Argument          
                        What is an argument, how does anger drive
                        it, and what can you do to derive lasting
                        benefit from any arguments you have.                          $14.95


CD               Stop Anger Now!                  
                      A one-hour minicourse that will enable you
                      to know the basic things you can do to reduce
                      the amount of anger in your daily life.                              $20.95           


CD Set        Awaken to Your Emotions
Six powerful shows from Ilene’s Internet
                        Internet radio program, Full Power Living,
                        covering Guilt, Worry, Depression, Jealousy,
                        Fear, Anger and Love.                                                    $24.99


                                    Total Value                            $60.89 


To assist you in your quest, you can get the entire package for          $43.00 
plus a modest shipping and handling fee of $5.95. 
This is a nearly 30% discount, which we offer you
because we care about your quest.

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