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August 4th, 2010

If you've ever been manipulated by a boss, a spouse, a child or a friend, you won't want to miss the surprise bonus we have for you, an article by Ilene Dillon, M.S.W.   entitled
"We Are All Born Manipulative."   Just click to download…   


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Ilene invites you to visit  The Store, where you will find more on manipulation and many other important topics.

For your convenience, we are highlighting (below), our minicourse entitled "Co-Dependence: The Bottom Line," and Ilene's downloadable booklet on co-dependence, "Bouncing Back From Energy Sapping" seen below.

Ending Co-Dependence:  The Bottom Line

We are all born co-dependent, so co-dependence in childhood is natural. In adulthood, while co-dependence is “normal,” it is no longer “natural.”  Discover the one change you can make that will move you out of the realm of those who manipulate so you will no longer suffer from destructive Co-dependence.


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Bouncing Back from Energy-Sapping: Protecting Yourself from Undesirable Energy Loss – $9.99 Energy SappingMost of the systems for improving self-esteem are complicated. This one is simple—so simple it can be taught to a child, with great results. Included are the 7 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem, which, when used on a daily basis, automatically increase self-esteem and keep it high! The information in this short book can transform your day-to-day existence, illustrating exactly what you need to do to feel good about yourself on an on-going basis. Includes an explanation for why low self-esteem is self-imposed slavery and how to work with "Self-talk" so you give yourself good emotional support.