April 11th, 2006

Got problems? You have everything you need, right inside of you, to figure them out, heal and resolve them. So, you ask, why bother to go to a therapist?

  1. Because a therapist has information, skills, understanding and techniques that bring out what is inside of you, cutting the length of your learning and change curves.
    What I offer that is unique: an extremely powerful, incisive and lasting way of working with your issues. Recently a couple remarked at the end of the first session: “We thought we might have a better idea of what our problem is–but you have put your finger right on the issues and given us tools to use, so we feel like we’ve made big changes just in this hour! The approach is so simple it can be taught to children, yet so powerful it brings benefits to people of all ages and with a wide variety of “problems”.
  2. Because most of us have never learned “how things really work” in this world, and need more information!
    Pain draws our attention to the area(s) in which we need to make changes. What is unique in Ilene’s approach: A simple understanding that you can easily use whenever a “problem” arises to deal with it powerfully, learn from it so that you don’t have to encounter it again, and makes your “problem” easy to both understand and resolve. You will see results immediately.
  3. Because you need a “partner” to help you make changes, not another parent!
    As your therapist, I 1) show you “how things work” on the earth; 2) help you identify the changes you need to make; 3) make sure you have the proper tools and information to complete your changes; 4) give you needed support as you apply these tools and information; 5) assist you in creating the life you really want to live!
  4. Because you need effective help, not a “type” of therapy!
    Ilene’s work is described as “Transpersonal Therapy,” helping people bring their life into harmony with Ancient Principles. This results in reduced stress, calmness, feelings of security, confidence, higher self-esteem, a reduction of so-called “negative emotions,” and improved relationships.
  5. Because you deserve a therapist with in-depth knowledge and proven effectiveness.
    Ilene has studied, written and taught classes in 30 different “problem” areas over close to 40 years, working with almost every type of individual, family, problem, personal ability and lifestyle. Principles are Principles; they are at work everywhere and in every life–Ilene puts you in Conscious charge of them.

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Licenses and Length of Experience

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., Marriage and Family Therapy License (MFT 5747, 1972) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker License (LCS 7035, 1979). Private practice in California’s Bay Area since 1972, with five prior years of experience in areas of drug addiction, Travelers Aid Society, Neighborhood House (inner city, Seattle), developmentally disabled, military dependents, and Army education.

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