Emotional Literacy Series

March 18th, 2008


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The ABCs of Loneliness: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – $14.99

 Help your child not to confuse “being alone,” with “loneliness” any more. Spending time alone is how we “listen to the universe, to nature and to our innermost self.” Parents want their children to learn to enjoy being alone; they don’t want them to feel lonely! The emotion of loneliness brings your child a vital information, allowing him or her to make adjustments in behavior in order to self-correct. Imagine being able to help your child discover what to do to end lonely feelings in mere minutes! Working with this emotion helps your child develop vital self-awareness, the ability to ask for help, and the assurance that she or he can be in charge of emotional states. This is a wonderful emotion to explore together!


The ABCs of Love: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – $14.99

 Do you take for granted that your child “knows” how to love and will therefore grow up to be an open, loving person? How open our child is to love depends on what they experience in childhood, what is passed down the generations, and your child’s ability to use the skills of love. Most people do not realize that Love is made up of two things: skill and art. There are seven skills of love, which can be taught and made a part of everyday life. You can teach these to your child. As you are teaching them, you also practice the art of love, helping your child to build a very solid foundation that will powerfully and positively influence the rest of his or her life. The exercise of “choosing love” is one that will put your child on a path toward a positive, loving and joyous life—the kind you want for your child and all children who are free. 



The ABCs of Anger: Building Emotional Foundations for Life– $14.99

Discover the “universal cause” of anger, information vital to helping you and your child get a handle on upsetting situations with brothers and sisters and school mates. You and your child learn together how to change what causes the feeling of anger in you, so you can go on to something more fun! Also covered: why it is vitally important (even for your health!) to learn to allow anger to “pass through” us, and how to do it. Wonderful activities for you to do together to process, release and heal from anger. You and your child can learn to have fun with anger together! 



These Books are Currently Being Updated and Revised. Please Check Back Soon for Availability!

The ABCs of Fear: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

How do you keep your child’s fear of a snapping dog from generalizing into a fear of animals? Each emotion has special characteristics; fear generalizes. Learn to talk with your child about fear so your child learns to calm his or her own fear! Included are activities and art projects you can do together that help your child understand fear, prevent the buildup of fear, and practice methods of dealing with fear that actually “tame” it. You will come to know your own fears better. As you deal more effectively with your own emotions, you become a better emotional leader for your child. In today’s crazy world, this one is a “must-have.”

The ABCs of Grief: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

What do you do when your child’s pet dies, a grandparent gets ill, or a close friend moves away? Grief is the most complex of all emotional states, because grief involves several emotions interact together. How do you help your child say “goodbye” to a grandparent, friend or pet in such a way that they are strengthened? This is what we consider in this book. Children must face the “facts” of living on earth—that nothing is permanent, that we cannot hold onto people or pets just because we want them to stay, and that we must all learn to turn loose. What do we keep, instead—and how? This book helps you to assist your child with this very intricate state, to emerge stronger and better. Get the practical help you need!

The ABCs of Guilt: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

Guilt is not necessary. In fact, it’s not even a real emotion! Learn the difference between “real” and “synthetic” emotions, something about how guilt develops and what kind of harm it can do to someone who carries it. This will motivate you to take yourself and your child through the many delightful activities that release guilt and open you both to new ways to perceive and interact. Remember, guilt held inside—over time—has the potential to kill you! It is vital that you help your child release currently-held guilt and set up new patterns that don’t allow him or her to take on more. That is what this manual can help you to accomplish.

The ABCs of Hurt: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

Here is an emotion that is the least acceptable of all! Save your child from teasing and put-downs when she or he expresses hurt, which lies beneath anger (and is key to releasing anger), and which is often used to manipulate. This information can strengthen your child against peer pressure, enhance his or her capability in releasing anger, and is able to maintain better emotional balance. Enjoy yourself as you and your child weave your way through the activities that provide you both with permission to recognize, claim and heal the “taboo” emotion of Hurt.

The ABCs of Intimacy: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

Intimacy is a basic, vital emotion that determines how we connect with ourselves, our world and all that is “larger than ourselves.” Not to be confused with sexuality, Intimacy involves being vulnerable and open and loving. Your child’s friendships, family relationships and eventual adult life will improve dramatically when skills and abilities related to Intimacy are strong. ith sexuality. Encourage your child to develop true, deep intimacy, which also involves developing responsibility, vulnerability, trust and sharing. Most people are not encouraged to explore or develop Intimacy while in their family, yet the family is the “cradle of civilization” and THE place for its development! Take the opportunity to teach your child to explore the areas that are difficult in maintaining intimacy, helping them to remain open, loving and close with others. We parents want our children to grow up and have good lives, full of people they love and whom they can love. Intimacy is what that is all about.

The ABCs of Jealousy: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

You’ll be surprised to learn the “signal” that jealousy is intended to provide for guiding human action. As your child encounters jealousy regarding relationships, experiences and possessions, you will have tools for guiding him or her to use that jealousy to improve life! Jealousy is very misunderstood. It is not really noble; and its true purpose has been hidden for far too long! . You can teach your child the true signal of Jealousy, an emotion that is vital in Manifesting the live we intend to lead. You can encourage your child to properly use jealous feelings, which can point the way to amazing new ways to live!

The ABCs of Shame and Remorse: Building Emotional Foundations for Life – Being Revised–not currently available

Do you know the difference between the emotions of Shame and Remorse? One is a real emotion that helps your child grow and develop; the other is synthetic, leading your child toward stunted development. While everybody feels remorse, few parents understand or know how to work with it, especially in the ways intended. Remorse is an emotion that, above all, directs us to grow and develop our sense of self, our awareness, and our presence in this world. Discover the fantastic role that remorse is designed to fill, and how to teach your child to utilize its “signal.” Benefits to your child include feeling more personally in charge, interested in taking more responsibility (without it being a burden), and becoming more self-directed, especially in difficult situations which involve mistakes. Getting in charge of these two emotions will positively influence your childs’ development for years to come!

Ilene’s original books published on these topics are being obtained from Enchante’, the publisher. Look for our announcement that they are available for your use until revisions on the ABC series are again available. Thanks!