April 5 Radio Show is Close To The Bone: Life-Threatening Illness As A Soul Journey – Emotional Pro

April 2nd, 2007

4/5/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Imagine being able to find purpose and meaning when you are confronted with a life-threatening illness. Bolen affirms that the price of going into the scary places…is high, but worth it. We will all face health crises (our own and those of others). We have a choice: bury our heads in the sand or travel to the underworld by probing, listening and connecting to what we know in our bones. This is the “stuff” of this remarkable program.Awe Regarding Matters That Are Greater Than We Can Know!
The most ancient myth of Inanna and Eriskigal form the backdrop for the split many of us feel when we begin to deal with the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. The superficial things important in regular life give way to the questions of “what am I here for?” and “what really matters?” The myth of Inanna and Eriskigal gets repeated in us, and between us, which is what Dr. Bolen describes for us.
Is It True That Suffering Should Not Happen To Me?
How we respond, emotionally and psychologically, to a threat to our human existence, can open us up to great growth–perhaps to healing–or close us down. Opening your emotions opens you. Dr. Bolen describes anger, rage, pain and hostility as “blocks,” that keep us from healing unless we open to them and move through them. Listen as she describes us as “spiritual beings on a human path.” Hear her description of what happened to people who experienced unconditional love as they were taken in by Mother Teresa’s clinic in Calcutta.
Altruism Can Boost Our Long-Term Survival!
Dr. Bolen shares a study done at Stanford which revealed that working in Sacred Circles (which have a sacred center and where people “share the journey”) can extend life, in fact allow the “hopeless” to recover. “At our core, we humans have a generous spirit of service to others,” she tells us. Dr. Bolen shares what motivated her to re-release Close to the Bone.
Segment 1: Ancient Myths Repeated In Us Dr. Bolen cites ancient myths of descent (through abduction) into the underworld as being symbolic of life-threatening illness. She talks about the opportunity this provides for us to connect to our own soul, and how to use this opportunity to our greatest advantage.
Segment 2: Suffering Should Not Happen To Me We’re diagnosed with cancer or are in a terrible accident. We suffer. Should this suffering be happening to us? How we respond makes all the difference regarding survival, growth and peace in our hearts, says Dr. Bolen. Listen to her explanation.
Segment 3: Long-term Survival and Altruism Whenever we encounter life-threatening illness, we become pilgrims, exploring new territory. At our core, says Dr. Bolen, we humans have a spirit of service to others. We can take advantage of this spirit, both for our world, among people, and for ourselves. She has ideas for how this can be done.

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