Jan 5, Joyce Stewart, God is Love: Journey from Fear to Love

God is Ever-Equal to Our Understanding. Years ago, I was introduced to this idea that “God is ever-equal to our understanding.” I came to realize that whatever (or whoever) I believe God is, that’s who God is! I immediately began focusing on a God of Love. Most of us, however, have been taught about what Richard Blackstone calls “Theory One God,” a God of judgment, who is constantly assessing our level of sin. Such a God not only separates us from each other (and God), but also supports lives based on fear. I’m so grateful to Joyce Stewart for not only realizing how this happens, but bringing herself through to the other side, and then telling us about her journey. It is all the more important because she was raised to believe in a fear-inducing God and has gotten herself free to find a God full of Love. I’m grateful that she’s available to tell us how she did this, too! 

Joyce Stewart is a pioneer. And she was led to be a pioneer by God. Brought up in the Christian church and following the beliefs she had learned, she was nevertheless shown that her life was based on fear, rather than love. Having deconstructed those beliefs and found her way to the love that IS God, Joyce has come to the understanding that most of people’s lives, relationships and Christian beliefs are rooted in fear, rather than love, and yet they are unaware of this because they have accepted it as normal. She is now sharing her journey from fear to Love, aiming to inspire others to introspection and change. We talk with Joyce about her remarkable journey as we start the New Year of 2017. Please Listen!!

We have two great website links for you today: Click here to view Joyce Stewart’s main website! And you can Click here to view the God Is Love Cookbook website!

Dec 15, Arlene Gale: Face Forward, Move Forward

Dec 15, Arlene Gale: Face Forward, Move Forward

Move Past the Pain of Experience by Becoming Non-resistant! Recently someone commented to me that I must have had a very difficult time this year, emotionally speaking, because of the upheaval and change I experienced. When I replied that it really hasn’t been bad, he said: “Oh, come on—everyone has feelings! It has to have been difficult.” As I thought about it, I realized that it hasn’t been difficult, because I didn’t resist what was happening! It’s resistance to “what is” that causes us pain in life. Arlene Gale is a woman who has developed wisdom, strength, and compassion by not resisting. She’s been able to Face Forward, which then has enabled forward movement. I look forward to introducing her to you.

People who experience abuse as children can have a very difficult time living a good life as adults. The weight of the abusive experiences—and the emotions that accompany—is so heavy, it’s difficult to go on. Plus, abusive experiences tend to make you focus backwards, allowing the abusive incidents to define your present life. Recently I attended a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, and met Arlene Gale, who through the title of her book tells us that she found a way to face forward, despite abuse experiences, and then move forward instead of getting stuck. I wanted you to be able to hear how she did it, right from this courageous woman. Come find out how she got herself to face forward, so she could move through her life instead of becoming stuck and stagnant. Click here to visit Arlene Gale’s website!

Dec 8, Lisa Loving Dalton, Falling For The Stars: A Stunt Gal’s Tattle Tales

What does it really take to walk in someone else’s shoes – especially if that person is a famous actor or actress, and you’re doing stunts to make them look good on the big screen? It takes fearlessness, guts, careful planning, and knowledge about how to heal. Lisa Loving Dalton shares these with us as she talks about the stars for whom she did stunts, the challenges of those stunts, and the injuries and recovery process that also became part of her life. Lisa shares the life lessons being a stunt double brought her way.

Beginning as a naïve, insecure actress, trying to use extra work and stunts as a way into the Hollywood firmament, Dalton rises to become one of the top stunt professionals, ultimately reaping the economic rewards and the ego gratification—while denying her true desire to act full time. Dalton appeared in more than 200 films, television shows and commercials in New York, Hollywood and Texas, including work in Ghostbusters, Money Pit, Crocodile Dundee, Married to the Mob, FX, Legal Eagles, and Splash on the big screen and ER, HBO’s Carnivale, Dr. Quinn and Melrose Place among her many TV credits. Click here to visit Lisa Loving Dalton’s website!

Nov 17, Ransom Stephens: Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs


You Mean I’m Not “Right Brain” or “Left Brain”? Opening Remarks: Oh, no! Another perfectly good belief that has allowed us to understand and work with ourselves for many years needs to be tossed! Instead, we apparently maintain our brains like a well-working two-party legislative system: We collaborate “across the aisle” between the two hemispheres! Find out how this works when Ransom book-the-left-brain-speaksStephens tells us the latest about what goes on inside our own head!

How does your brain interpret information? In this election season, it’s important to know how our brains “reach across the aisle” to collaborate, bringing both left brain and right brain into play. Especially when we want to unlock innovation and discovery. If you’re ready to move past this long-accepted generalization about how our brain works—that people tend to gravitate to one side of our brain more than the other—join me for this discussion with science writer Ransom Stephens. Discover with me how our brain enables prejudice to emerge, and how we can recognize and quash prejudice. I’ll be ready for this “cleansing” by November 17th, won’t you? Click here to visit Ransom Stephens’ website!


Nov 10, Ilene Dillon, MSW: Disappointment & Failed Expectations!


What Do You “Take” for Dashed Expectations? Getting off the roller coaster of “ups” and “downs” with our emotions is a challenging task for us humans. Add to that the idea that we largely do this to ourselves, and it can be even more challenging and frustrating! It just might come down to a matter of how we learned to handle dashed expectations in our very early life. We tend to repeat the emotional patterns of the first 7 years of our lives during our adult living. If you were given a distraction, told “you’ll get over it,” offered some food, allowed to stay home from school for the day—and so forth—you’ll tend to repeat those patterns now that you’re an adult. We’re going through a time that offers us an opportunity to look at the way we handle ourselves when things don’t turn out the way we wanted, when we encounter disappointment, and when it’s time to live our lives even though things are not as we really, really wanted them to be. Let’s explore this together!

The elections have occurred. Did they all turn out the way you wanted—the way you expected? Did those you supported do enough to win their contest? Did YOU do enough? Are you angry at what others did; angry with yourself for not doing all you could do? Are you ready to leave the country; or are you ready to celebrate your country and its new leaders? What are you going to do with your feelings of disappointment, of sadness, or of joy? This year’s elections offer us a wonderful opportunity to look at how we develop expectations, what we do to support (or not support) what we want in life, and how we handle things when what we had been hoping for doesn’t materialize. Longtime Psychotherapist Ilene Dillon is looking at this issue this week.



Oct 27, Victoria Bentley: Surprising Causes of Anxiety and Panic

dr-victoria-bentley-psydWant to End Toxic Anxiety Forever? As my husband, Bob, wound his way through his struggle with cancer, worry and anxiety were his biggest book-the-surprising-causes-of-anxiety-and-panicenemies. With a wife who is a psychotherapist, close friends and care givers who were warm-hearted, experienced and spiritually-oriented, we all tried to help him move past worry and anxiety. We wanted him to end it forever; but we were able only to help him get, at most, a couple of days of peace. He seemed to have a “reset” button. He’d do well and then he would boomerang back to his previous level of anxiety and worry. Know anyone who is like this? Tell them about this show, and listen yourself.

All those ads for drugs on television! Do any of them actually end toxic anxiety? Or do they just manage the symptoms. Psychologist Dr. Victoria Bentley offers Anxiety Free Living, a book series aimed at helping people end toxic anxiety and heal trauma completely, using down-to-earth, simple solutions gleaned from 40 years’ experience healing anxiety. We’re talking about  “Why You’re Not Getting Better After Trying Everything” on this weeks’ show. Stress (which builds up when you experience anxiety) is one of our biggest health problems today. Click here to visit Dr. Victoria Bentley’s facebook page!

Dr. Victoria also invites you to please visit her site to have a glimpse on the endeavors of her organization in helping women victims of sexual violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: http://empowercongowomen.org. Thank you!