March 29 Radio Show: Act Like a Man: Really, There's Hope! Men Can Change – Emotional Pro

March 29th, 2012

Ken Solin’s book is entitled Act Like A Man. In it are the stories of eight men who started, 8 years ago, to meet regularly to work out their issues. Successful on the outside, yet lonely or fearful on the inside, these courageous men discover the courage to dig deep so they can identify their demons and face them, head-on. Their self-led group allowed them to pinpoint lessons about manhood they never received from their fathers. Now, they want to share these lessons with others. If you’re a man, and your life isn’t what you have hoped and dreamed it would be, you’ll want to hear this show. If you’re a woman who wants to learn how to create a healthy, intimate relationship with a man, you’ll want to hear this show. Ken Solin is a regular contributor about this subject to The Huffington Post.

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