Love and Happiness Packet – Emotional Pro

September 20th, 2011

 As someone interested in the “signals” emotions
give to us,
you are qualified to get
this special package:


CD           The 7 Skills of Love                
                  1-hour audio recording telling you what the
                  skills are and how to work with them                          $14.95


Book         Happiness is a  Decision of the Heart         
Written by 12 experts on happiness and
                    how to develop it, Ilene’s section is entitled
                    “Choosing Love As A Way of Life”                                $24.95


CD              4 Building Blocks of Self-Esteem               
                     A one-hour minicourse that will enable you
                     to permanently increase your self-esteem                 $20.95           


PDF             Happiness from the Inside Out         
                     A powerful article that reveals how values,
                     beliefs, emotions, and focus work together
                     for  happiness, and how you can work with
                     them toward your own increased happiness.           $ 7.95


                         Total Value                         $68.70 


To assist you in your quest, you can get the entire package for  $45.00
plus a modest shipping and handling fee of $5.95.  This is a
nearly 30% discount, which we offer you because we care
about your quest.

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