Lessons from On the Road – Emotional Pro

May 8th, 2006

We’ve been traveling on the East Coast for several days, now, visiting the grandchildren (and their wonderful parents), participating in my husband�s 45th Medical School reunion, and attending the Quantum Leap program. Add some interesting relatives and friends to the mix, and we’ve been having a delightful time.
I’ve also had the opportunity to explain the concept of “Born to Learn” to many different people, learning along the way! Here are some of the things I have learned. 1) Almost everyone accepts, easily, the idea that we learn lessons from our experiences. 2) Almost no one realizes there is an entire “system” for learning lessons; and that lessons don’t occur randomly. 3) Almost everyone laughs when I talk about getting our “homework assignments” in childhood-they recognize this system, even though they haven’t usually thought of the particular concept in this way. 4) The “system” is not easy for most people to understand-I realize I will have to give MUCH clearer explanations and step-by-step instructions. 5) People understand the concepts much more easily when I tell them a story to illustrate it. At least in person, they are willing to listen to my personal stories (which is where I have done my learning). 6) At least one person reminded me that a person must be willing to LOOK at what they are doing, and STAY CONSCIOUS, in order to learn as I suggest; and most people don�t want to. 7) Another reminded me that staying conscious is WORK and sometimes difficult or painful, which people either want to avoid, or for which they need some comfort and encouragement. 8) Women seem more open to the concept than the men with whom I have been talking. 9) Almost everyone, once the concept is explained, likes the basic idea of the book and resonates, on a deep level, with it.
As a result of the Quantum Leap program, I’m reading a book on Marketing, learning about how to identify my audience and how to create a meme. ‘Things go better with Coke’ is a meme. So are ‘Better things for better living, through chemistry’ (DuPont) and ‘You’re in good hands with Allstate.’ Construct memes to last at least a century. I�m open to suggestions! ‘Learning support for your whole life!’ �Learning for Your Whole Life.’ ‘Whole Living Through Successful Learning.’
I�ve been learning this whole trip; and I�ve been having a GREAT time!

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