The Power of Genuine Apology – Emotional Pro

June 21st, 2007

We don’t talk much about apology. But it’s a good idea–so we are! Apology is a powerful tool for working with emotional energy, leading us to total forgiveness. Do you know that not forgiving totally means you carry life-threatening anger and hate around with you, which can eventually kill you? What’s the point of apology? How can a person apologize without humiliation? How wrong can we allow ourselves to be? And, what would happen to our world if nations and leaders learned how to (and made) Genuine Apologies? All of this is what Ilene Dillon is exploring with her co-host, Deki Fox, on Full Power Living.
Segment 1: Remorse, Guilt and Shame–Good Reasons to Apologize? Deki and Ilene talk about the basis for Genuine Apology, how to make an apology that is not self-humiliating, and the many benefits of Genuine Apology.
Segment 2: Hurt, Anger, Fear, Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love and Joy! What are the emotions tied in with Apology, and how do they interact with one another. How does apology further personal growth, relationship and what effect does it have on our personal energy? Find out by listening!
Segment 3: Genuine Apology In the World Genuine apology requires telling the truth (as we know it), being trustable and without ulterior motives or intent to hurt one another. Can we accomplish this on a family, group, national or international basis? Hear how one multinational corporation accomplished Genuine Apology in a way you can also choose.

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