Soulmate or Cell Mate? with Jackie Woods – Emotional Pro

June 14th, 2007

Jackie Woods empowers your Heart for extraordinary living. Author, teacher, lecturer and founder of the Adawehi (Ah-dah-way-hee) Institute, Healing School and Wellness Center, Jackie’s approach takes the emphasis off simply fixing the symptoms of life’s everyday problems and supports people to move beyond old, unhealthy patterns of living by growing their complete Spirit. She has become a leading light in the movement to transform traditional healing. Jackie discusses her latest book, Soulmate or Cell-mate, You Make the Choice–A guide to Healthy Relationships when she appears on Full Power Living.
Segment 1: Establishing Relationship as a Third Entity Jackie talks about the importance of separating the two people in a relationship from the relationship, which works better when viewed and worked with as a separate entity. She talks about ways to accomplish this.
Segment 2: Missing Heart Energies All things exist in our hearts. When we have difficulties, says Jackie, its because some of our heart energies are “missing” from our relationship! The key is to identify and restore those heart energies, thus helping the individual, and also the relationship. Hear her discussion of the difference between “relationship intent” and “individual intent.”
Segment 3: Change is Forever Happening! Jackie Woods says it is impossible to live a life without change. Hence, we will forever be “tweaking” our relationship as we–and the relationship–accommodate to that change. Partners are balanced when they become more than their “patterns,” she reminds us.

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