Jan 17 Radio Show: Kerul Kassel Introduces Productive Procrastination! – Emotional Pro

January 11th, 2008

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It’s time to achieve Full Power Living! Understanding the concepts of Productive Procrastination: Making It Work For You, Not Against You, this week’s Full Power Living features Kerul Kassel, bringing the concept of procrastination into the 21st century, telling us how procrastination can lead to self-empowerment and an improved life.
Author of two recently-released books on Procrastination, Kerul Kassel talks about some of the radical and alternative–yet totally practical– strategies from her books, such as embracing your imperfection, dropping tired old goals, and stopping trying to finish, as well as the most delightful concept, productive procrastination. Kerul assists you to become more aware of your choices, patterns, and options as they relate to prioritizing, procrastination, and following through on responsibilities, plans and goals

Holder of 5 respected industry certifications, Kerul Kassel is an internationally recognized author, professional coach, speaker, and tele-class leader who has been quoted in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Real Simple Magazine, and other national media.

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