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March 27th, 2009

THANK YOU for purchasing “Bouncing Back From Energy Sapping: Protecting Yourself From Undesirable Energy Loss”. Here is your FINAL chance to take advantage of my Incredible Offer #1!

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In “Guilt and Conscious Relationships Don’t Mix,” we give you an e-article with a solid understanding of why you must choose to give up “doing guilt” in order to conduct your relationships consciously.  In addition to talking about “real” versus “synthetic” emotions, defining what guilt really is, why we experience it and its overall effects, we also give you six things to do in order to turn loose of guilt, and tell you what to do to keep it from accumulating inside of you any more.
This information is nowhere else available. If you are still “doing guilt” in any area of your life, you cannot afford to miss this offer!   It can change your life, your relationships and your levels of satisfaction with yourself!  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to Begin Living a Guilt-free Life! And all for the low, low, low, low price of $1!


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