November 12 Radio Show: Horses Teach Authenticity: They Can’t Be Fooled – Emotional Pro

November 12th, 2009

You can’t fool a horse! Horses know if you are being “real,” if you have issues with assertiveness, and what kind of a leader you are. Not only that, but without even getting on the back of a horse, he or she can help you change the nonverbal messages you broadcast to the world, so that you become more authentic, a stronger leader, and a person the horse can accept! Horses have been vitally important in human life for centuries. Capra and others dedicated to Equine Assisted Learning, want corporate boards and struggling students, equally, to return to a greater appreciation of horses and their ability to teach and mirror our true selves. Capra and Karavidas appear on Full Power Living tomorrow, November 12.





Our Guests


Christianna Capra is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist. She is executive director and cofounder of Spring Reins of Hope (Getting to the Horse of the Matter), a groundbreaking program set to offer corporate and personal training and team building in partnership with horses.

Dr. Maria Karavidas, PsyD, is an EAGALA Certified Mental Health Professional, part of the equine-assisted team that promises to “help the facilitators and clients locate target areas of stress or emotional blocks and then lead the way to finding….ways to overcome these deficits.” The program operates in Stewartsville, New Jersey.




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