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March 21st, 2007

Check out the information about Full Power Living that is in Francine Silverman’s new book, Talk Radio for Authors (2007, Infinity Publishing Company, toll free 877-BUY BOOK, www.buybooksontheweb.com). Thanks for including us, Francine. And thanks to Shirley Cheng for bringing us together.

Here’s what our wonderful guests have to say:

I am very impressed with Ilene Dillon. I’ve been interviewed many times, but Ilene grasped the heart of my book better than anyone else. Her questions demonstrated the depth of her understanding of the human heart and psyche. I found myself thinking, She gets this book better than I do! Her show was very professionally run. Chatting with Ilene on the air was a delightful experience. I’ll be back any time!
Sandy Nathan, National award winning author of Stepping Off the Edge and Numenon.

Ilene Dillon is a wonderful human being, and a consummate radio talk show host. She asked very insightful questions, and it was obvious that she had read and experienced my book. Ilene understood Heartwork because she has done it! Throughout the interview, I repeatedly experienced her kind and gentle presence, as if she was right in the room with me. I could not have asked for a better interview, even if I had written the script for how it would go, myself! Thank you for having me on your excellent show, Ilene.
Dale Goldstein, LCSW, author of “Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want.

Thank you for the privilege of visiting on your radio show Full Power Living – great name! You made it so easy to be real and genuine and to share that which I believe to be so important. Your comments and questions were well-prepared, focused and without personal bias or prejudice. It was clear that you are a product of your process. Let’s stay connected. David T. Blanchard, Chairman/CEO, The Og Group, Inc. and family of companies The Greatest Salesman, Inc., Six Advisors, Inc., The Og Press, Inc.

Ilene, I just wanted you to know that I have rarely been interviewed by anyone with your ability to articulate ideas of relevance to all humans (not to say all animals which is actually nearer the truth) and I am deeply grateful to have had such a gracious, intelligent and respectful hostess. You are a credit to radio! Long may you and your show thrive!
Jeffrey Masson, Ph.D.

You were a joy to talk with, Ilene. And fully prepared. I enjoyed the questions you asked us and the thought that went into your preparation. Because of your interviewing skills we were able to give the audience a full appreciation of the women I interviewed and wrote about, and whom Greg filmed. Your audience is interested in delving into the reasons why we may live longer if we are engaged in artistic pursuits – and you were able to accomplish that. I also am grateful that you included some of the music. That was icing on the cake.
Amy Gorman, author of Aging Artfully

Ilene, it was a great pleasure talking with you. Thank you for supporting bluevoice. We got a bounce in our stats yesterday so someone was listening and following up.
Hardy Jones, www.bluevoice.org Filmographer, known as “The Dolphin Defender”

Thank you again for the great opportunity to appear on Full Power Living. I had a great time speaking with you, Robin and Ethan this morning. This show was one of the first times that I have stepped back to look at the accomplishments and future goals of Ayuda Directa USA and I think it was a great exercise for all of us to go through together. We are living in an exciting time where we can travel anywhere in the world in a day and are brought closer together on a global level through the internet and television. With this comes an increased opportunity to participate in the world around us and learn from all the people living in it. Your radio show, and insightful questions, did a great job of helping us as an organization think about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Again thanks so much.
Noah Rindos, Founder, Ayuda Directa USA

The saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” was certainly applicable during my interview today. You are a delightful host and it felt more like a conversation than a radio interview. Each question flowed seamlessly to the other and I could have gone on for another hour. Thank you again for the opportunity.
Sandra L. Garth, One Body One Lifetime

Thank you Ilene, for one of the most effective interviews I have ever been a part of. I appreciate how thoughtful and informed your questions were, and how much time you allowed me to answer fully. Your hosting is gracious, enthusiastic, and highly skilled. I congratulate you on an extraordinary, innovative contribution to the spiritual and human growth community.
Susan Page, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author, When Talking Is Not Enough

Being interviewed by Ilene Dillon on Full Power Living was just plain fun. How else would you explain walking around your own living room, coffee in hand, discussing your latest project with a knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate person like Ilene.
Preparation beforehand was thorough and reassuring with Ilene supplying a list of questions and describing how the mechanics of the interview would work.
During the interview, Ilene asked probing questions that allowed me to respond to what I felt was the heart of my film, and she allowed me ample time to respond. She conducted the hour with such ease and grace that I felt we were in the same room, two friends talking about meaningful topics of life, aging, and purpose.
My hat is off to Full Power Living and its superb host, Ilene.”
Greg Young, Filmmaker

Ilene Dillon is a seasoned professional, which makes being on the air with her easy and fun. She is warm, open, and knowledgeable, asking all of the right questions to help create an engaging and lively discussion. Her fluid and dynamic style make being interviewed by her feel like talking to an old friend. I would jump at the chance to share the airwaves with her again.
Heather Ambler, Practitioner of Byron Katie’s “The Work

Thank you Ilene, for one of the most effective interviews I have ever been a part of. I appreciate how thoughtful and informed your questions were, and how much time you allowed me to answer fully. Your hosting is gracious, enthusiastic, and highly skilled. I congratulate you on an extraordinary, innovative contribution to the spiritual and human growth community.
Susan Page, Author of Why Talking is Not Enough, If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? and others

Thanks so much Ilene. It was great fun to talk to you. You have a great show and are a talented radio host. Great questions and connections.
Becca Levy, Epidemiology and Psychology, Yale University

“Thanks for making the interview process so comfortable and informative. I have done numerous interviews over the years, and I can tell you that you made the experience a pleasure for me, as well as making it informative for your listeners. The quality of the questions you ask, and your genuine interest in the subject matter, adds a professional, as well as heart-felt, quality to your work. Thanks for having me on your show.”
Rob Williams, M.A., Originator of PSYCH-K™, Author of PSYCH-K: The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life

Unlike many radio shows hosts Ilene is well informed and has done her homework. She has a unique ability to look at the big cultural political picture and make it relevant to people’s daily lives.
Ilene is dynamic and informed. She is a fantastic host as she was fully prepared and highly knowledgeable on the complexities of the topics of the interview. Her engaging style and resourcefulness made the interview fun as well as challenging.
Ofer Zur, Author of numerous books and articles related to psychotherapy, including Boundaries in Psychotherapy

I appreciated tremendously how well prepared you were and how insightful your comments. I am sure your audience can hear how sincere and wise you are about relationships, families, and the power of emotions to help and heal and make life most rewarding. I would be happy to speak with you again any time!
Randall C. Rolfe, J.D., M.A., President, Institute for Creative Solutions LLC

I’ve been interviewed on countless radio and television shows while promoting several books. I have to say that Ilene Dillon was one the most prepared hosts I’ve encountered. She actually read my book! The whole thing! And she repeatedly gave her listeners information on where to purchase it. If she hosted 50 shows, I would happily do them all.
Jan Rasmusen, www.Dogs4Dogs.com Author of Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care and Winner: 2006 Ben Franklin Award/Best Health Book

There is a great sense of satisfaction to be interviewed by someone who has obviously read your book and who cares deeply about what you have to say. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all to often. Thank you, Ilene, for bringing your thoughtfulness, caring and wisdom to our interview, as it invited me to offer my best.
Gail Harris, Author of Your Heart Knows the Answer: How to Trust Yourself and Make the Choices That are Right for You.

Ilene Dillon has the perfect qualities for a great interviewer: she’s both caring and sharp. She asks questions that touch the core of the topics, and she isn’t afraid to go deep into people’s souls and let their hearts speak. She makes the interviews fun and challenging, adding a personal touch to them by sharing some of her own insights and personal experiences. Ilene is truly a talent to getting others share their stories freely and openly. She makes sensitive topics a breeze to talk about. I had a blast being a guest on her show. Thank you, Ilene, for such a fabulous time!
Shirley Cheng

Several things impressed me about Ilene Dillon as an interviewer. Prior to the interview she took the time to connect with me and to share some about herself. Going into the interview I already had a sense of the warmth and openness that she demonstrated during our conversation. I was especially impressed with how well prepared Ilene was. Her thoughtful questions revealed that she had both read and reflected on the topic. Because of this our conversation could move beyond surface-level generalities to focus on the complexities of racial realities for interracial couples. My experience of being interviewed by Ilene left me feeling grateful for her passionate commitment to creating a public forum for exploring issues that really matter, and to the compassionate way she engages in this process.
Terri Karis, Professor, University of Wisconsin–Stout

Thanks, Ilene, for your great questions, your accurate expression of Imago, and for your generous support. We loved the interview. Blessings, and peace.
Harville Hendrix, Author: Finding the Love You Want, Keeping the Love You Find

“Being interviewed by Ilene Dillon is a true pleasure because she not only asks powerful questions, but she also brings her own rich professional and life experience to the conversation. With her warmth and compassion, it’s obvious that she wants people to do well and reach their potential. She’s more than a talk-show host–she’s an advocate for her listeners.”
Courtney Macavinta, Author & Journalist, Respect

“I was very impressed how thoroughly Ilene prepared for our interview by reading my book and crafting excellent questions for me. She really “got” what I was about and helped me communicate effectively to her audience to deliver a rich, meaningful show that I’m proud to be part of. Thanks Ilene!”
David Steele, MA, LMFT, Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, Author of Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today’s World

It was a special pleasure to be on Ilene Dillon’s show “Full Power Living”. I am an Internet talk show host myself so I am well aware of what it takes to make a show move along smoothly. I therefore was very appreciative of her finesse in the interview process; it made for a great show!
Carol Keppler, Host Energy Medicine—Today

Ilene.your skills at interviewing have blossomed with your experience. You led the interview and opened the conversation which made it very easy to be engaged and tell our story. Also, I appreciate the clear pre-show instructions and preparation that made our participation snag-free. Thanks so much for guiding the conversation, and giving us an audience.
Richard Friesen and Lee Glickstein, Leadership Magnetics

“Ilene Dillon’s perspective as a psychotherapist, who believes in true equality between the sexes, makes Full Power Living live up to its name. It’s obvious that she imparts the same wisdom to her clients as she does to her listener audience.”
Marc H. Rudov, Author/Publisher The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women

Ilene Dillon gets to the heart of the matter. She was the first interviewer to ask me about the important technology behind Partial-Zero Emission Vehicles! I enjoyed being on her show and appreciated the in-depth treatment of these significant issues. I wish more journalists were as in-tuned with Green Living as Ilene Dillon!
Jim Motavalli, Editor, E/Magazine and Green Living

Ilene Dillon is a rare commodity in today’s frenetic world of radio show hosts who barely know who they are, let alone have some idea about the interview topic that they are about to discuss. She is genuine, supportive, honest and, most important of all, prepared. Ilene asks the kind of pertinent questions that empower not only her guest to shine, but that helps bring real light into a world that so badly needs it.
Guy Finley, Founder, Life of Learning Foundation

Thank you so much for a delightful interview. I’ve done hundreds of interviews including one with Katie Couric on The Today Show, and I must tell you that you are outstanding. Your questions hit the heart of what your listeners care about. And you truly listen and respond instead of rushing to your next question. It was a terrific experience.
Rita Emmett, The Clutter-Busting Handbook

Being interviewed by Ilene Dillon was a pure joy. She not only did her research so she was very familiar with my work, she is also a spontaneous, engaged interviewer and host. I can’t think of a better combination for creating an interaction with great audience appeal, while accurately conveying the essence of my work.
Sharon Strand Ellison, Author of Taking the War Out of Our Words

It was a pleasure talking with you today on your “Full Power Living Radio Show.” It’s wonderful to be interviewed by someone who is so prepared and conversant in the material. Plus, with your own training and experience in emotional health, you bring a great level of understanding and commitment to the topic. Thanks so much for taking the time to explore “The Emotional Toolkit” with your audience. I wish you continued success in your work.
Dr. Darlene Mininni, Author, Your Emotional Toolkit

“Ilene Dillon’s Full Power Living program is one of the most positive, inspiring shows I’ve ever experienced. As a performance expert and top athlete, I’ve been invited onto many national TV and radio shows, and it was truly a special honor to be an expert guest on her show. I am recommending it highly to all my clients and Your Performing Edge readers. Ilene is an excellent interviewer and her show delivers exactly what you need to create powerful energy and emotional balance in your life.”
JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D, Keynote Speaker/Best-selling author, YOUR PERFORMING EDGE

I appreciate the thoroughness of your questions. It is clear that you have saturated yourself in the message, which is a wonderful compliment.
Ruth King, Author, Healing Rage