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November 14th, 2010

Welcome to your Bonus Page! We are privileged to be a part of Dee Wallace & Jarrad Hewett’s launch of their new book,“The Big E”.
This gift comes to you from the Emotional Pro, Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., host of Full Power Living internet radio show, since 2004 broadcasting the only international show dedicated to awakening the power and importance of human emotions. 
Dee and Jared offer a huge amount of information on Energy.
Our gift to you is a recording of how Energy operates as part of Emotions, a CD-download entitled Energy on the Move: E-Motions, crafted especially for you by Ilene. On this CD, you will learn important things about emotions that few discuss, which are vital to your success and happiness in life. Such as:
1. The intended purpose of emotions;
2. The Principles emotions follow;
3. How emotions signal us to take the best actions in any situation;
4. What “emotional mastery” is about (and who can achieve it);
5. How emotions offer us an opportunity to learn and progress on our path to self-improvement & enlightenment.
Energy on the Move: E-Motions
by Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro
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