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February 24th, 2009

Here’s “Clever Communication Tools” for you, authored by Ilene Dillon, host of Full Power Living!  Write me to tell me how you use these tools!

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Because of your connection with Lorraine Cohen and her Teleseminar on Being the Best Host/Guest You Can Be, we’d like to offer you a special discount on 99 Tips for Mastering Fear, a booklet inspired by American’s reaction to 9/11.
When you start anything new, most of us experience fear.  Like all emotions, fear is a “gift,” helping us to navigate the new territory we are entering.  If it is not worked with and allowed to move, however, fear can cause us to get stuck.  To help you get and stay unstuck, we offer you this special deal on 99 Tips for Mastering Fear.
Each page of 99 Tips for Mastering Fear has something you can do to channel the energy of fear in a positive direction, ending with the “master fear conquering” tip that has permanently changed formerly-fearful lives to confident lives.  Here are three of the tips, for example:
Make note that feelings you hold inside grow in power and in force.  Like the warm and cold winds meeting in a Midwest tornado zone, your feelings will create “emotional tornadoes” inside of you if you persist in holding onto them.  It is possible to work with your emotions so almost all of your “tornadoes” are small and don’t devastate.
Remember Franklin Roosevelt’s caution that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Roosevelt knew that fear feeds on itself.  Once we focus our attention on fear it grows and grows, leaving us terrified and feeling defenseless.
Post this principle on your mirror or refrigerator:  “When I operate my life on the motive of fear, I will create the very thing I fear.”  This principle is highly motivating, since it tells us that trying to avoid facing our fears inevitably invites disaster.  Remember times in your childhood when you didn’t confess an error you made for fear your parents would get angry; then they found out and were even angrier?
You can see these tips are practical, and offer you information about how emotions work. What you discover in the pages of  99 Tips for Mastering Fear you’ll be able to apply with other emotions, making it a most valuable addition to your self-growth library.
Written by Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., who is herself a “recovering angry person,” which stimulated her to become The Emotional Pro, 99 Tips for Mastering Fear gives you a powerful collection of actions, thoughts and reminders that can move you away from fear in any situation.
We normally sell this booklet for $9.99.  As a participant in Lorraine’s workshop, we offer it to you for a flat $5, a 50% discount!  Download this booklet in e-book form by clicking the button below!

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