August 13, Nina C. Payne: Moments in Time – Emotional Pro

August 16th, 2015

Nina C PayneWhat a great title for a novel about the pain of grief and loss. It’s what we all have: moments in time. Here on the earth, in order to get past something we must go through it. Grief demands that we go through. It is the ultimate lesson that focuses moments in timeus in the present, while we miss the past and mourn the future that will not occur. How does Cassandra Peyton go through her own losses? 

My husband has cancer. He was diagnosed in November of 2014. It’s left me in a dilemma. I am living the grief and heartache of his eventual loss, while at the same time still being alive and healthy myself. With cancer, it’s his fight, not mine. I can’t do anything except help him with the process he is in. This week, my guest explores this dilemma in her novel, Moments in Time. As we talk this Thursday, her made up story will be made real, and relevant to all of us learning to go on, even in the face of deep loss and grief. Open your heart with me. Click here to visit Nina C. Payne’s website!

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