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July 16, Dr. Johnny Lops: Reinvent Yourself

July 18th, 2015

July 16, Dr. Johnny Lops: Reinvent Yourself If you grew up in Brooklyn, and then became a psychiatrist, you’d be a psychiatrist who has “seen it all,” offering no-nonsense advice about taking control of your life and maximizing your potential. This IS the description of my guest for this week on Full Power Living, Dr. […]

April 23, Zach Polsfuss: Higher Brain Living

April 23rd, 2015

Head for Your Prefontal Cortex through Higher Brain Living! Remarkably, the videos show that following a patterned set of light touches to a reclining body, the body begins to move in a coordinated, patterned rhythm, movement that accompanies a person accessing the ability to live in the Higher Brain. Decisions are easier, confidence soars, and […]

Oct 02, Brent Marchant: Movie-Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

October 4th, 2014

“Movies can serve as personal mirrors. When we witness a character’s triumphs (or mistakes) on screen and how they either learn (or don’t learn) from them, we have an opportunity to learn about ourselves. We can analyze how the character’s thoughts and actions influence the world they live in, and that, in turn, can provide […]

Jan 10, 2013 William Von Holst The New Planetary Reality

January 7th, 2013

William Von Holst  The New Planetary Reality is a guide to understanding and preparing for the amazing possibilities of the Coming Avatara. The Sanskrit word “avatara” means descent of a deity to earth. Vallyon says that unlike past avataras such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krisha, and Moses, the Coming Avatara is an energy field […]

Jan 3: Jaimal Yogis, “The Fear Project: Learning from Survival, Success & Surfing”

January 3rd, 2013

The Fear Project is a provocative, entertaining story that follows Yogis as he navigates his own fears. He explores the complicated spectrum of why we feel afraid. It is through understanding fear’s many facets—and learning how to act in spite of paralyzing nerves—that Yogis learns and teaches us, how to unlock a sense of renewed […]

March 15 Radio Show: Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

March 15th, 2012

March 15, Allan Lokos…Patience:  The Art of Peaceful Living Most of us want a peaceful life, yet the stresses of daily living, including our own fears, anger and impatience, get in the way of that for which we yearn. Buddhist practitioner Allan Lokos, wants us to look at creating patience in our lives, so we become […]

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