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January 2: Sonja Rechnitzer, Q & A with Your Higher Self

January 3rd, 2014

This is better than New Year Resolutions! How would you like to find out what your own Higher Self has to tell you—about the most important things for you to do in this year, the best way to deal with a vexing problem you have, the most loving way to deal with someone with whom […]

December 26: Amy Newmark, Editor; 20th Anniversary Editions, Chicken Soup

December 27th, 2013

20 years ago, when Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield created the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, they followed a novel idea of putting heartwarming stories together, written by a variety of people, by which to be inspired and for readers to enjoy. They were both members of the National Speakers Association (as […]

October 24: Dr. Katherine Kelly, Learning to Partner with Your Soul

October 24th, 2013

Consider this: what if you had little need for medical care, because you knew how to keep yourself healthy by enlisting the aid of your own Soul? When you have a balanced life that is in harmony with your soul, you can heal, maintain health and cultivate your soul’s full expression (life purpose!). Dr. Katherine […]

April 25, Dr. Alicia Maher: From Scattered to Centered

April 27th, 2013

 Psychiatrist Alicia Maher, M.D., has written a book to help people who struggle with Adult ADHD. She’ll be with us to talk about some of the issues that people with ADHD encounter, as well as some of the strategies she suggests for becoming successful. This look includes concerns about diet, behavioral treatments, stimulants, the power […]

Linda Berry, D.C., C.C.N. Turn on The Magic

March 8th, 2013

Linda Berry, D.C., C.C.N., a chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist, specializes in helping people get well using simple and effective diet and lifestyle changes. If you are interested in improving your personal Health and Well-being, come find out how to “Turn on the magic inside of you” naturally and effectively, using simple tools that put […]

Feb 14: Arteria Stevens, “Don’t Touch Me”

February 15th, 2013

Most people think of hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re looking at the ways “love” can go wrong. Arteria Stevens has written a novel about Tweety, brought up in a Black Holiness Church and raised in the projects in Atlanta, Georgia, to consider and offer healing for such things as sexual abuse, depression, low […]

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