What You Must Do to Escape the Bird Flu – Emotional Pro

June 26th, 2007

04/26/07 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Brendanne Philipps has survived cancer. Now she wants to survive Bird Flu. Her book, What You Must Do to Escape the Bird Flu, has been written to draw people’s attention to the very real possibility of a major epidemic and to encourage people to get prepared. By drawing on information from past epidemics, Brendanne defines what we must prepare in order to survive.
Segment 1: Learning from the Pandemic of 1918 Do you know why a large percentage of people ages 20-40 died in the 1918 Pandemic? Brendanne tells us, and also why it is most likely this group is most at risk now, too. She talks about how the epidemic could sneak up on us, the power of stress in our ability to survive, and the importance of establishing a “survival plan.”
Segment 2: The Role of Emotions in Surviving Worry, grief, fatigue, loss of sleep and fear–these are emotions that can negatively impact our ability to survive. Brendanne reveals what she has learned we can do to offset the impact of these emotions (through diet and supplements, for example), and the power of educating ourselves and creating a plan.
Segment 3: Mailbox Running to Escape the Bird Flu! Can you cook from a recipe? Better learn, advises Brendanne. There can come a time when you’ll be unable to get frozen dinners or pre-prepared foods and will need to know how. We talk about vacinnations, mailbox running and preparedness lists, all vital for listeners to know!

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