Talking Back to Doctor Phil wtih David Bedrick – Emotional Pro

June 26th, 2013

Recently, someone I love called and told me of a problem he was experiencing. He had already seen a psychologist, but felt he had gotten little actual help.  “What’s wrong with me?” he asked. By the time our conversation ended, I was reassuring him: “There isnothing wrong with you. You’re just adjusting the way you live your life. It’s perfectly normal. You won’t need meds. Here are some things you can do to help yourself through this time of change.” This response is along the lines of David Bedrick’s “Love Psychology,” which relieves us of the burden to “fix” ourselves, encourages us to fully utilize our feelings and recognize their intelligence, and to use conflict to build sustainable relationships. You will certainly want to hear this discussion. Share your issues with us and get other ways to work with those issues, leaving behind mainstream psychology’s emphasis on shame, and welcoming the profound meaning and evolution available to you through your struggles! 

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