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Dec 17, Carolyn Hobbs: Self-Compassion, Compassionate Listening and Forgiveness – Emotional Pro

December 12th, 2015

Do you show yourself compassion, including during the Holiday Season? Do you have mercy on your body, your wallet, your family and your own mind? How important is self-compassion to you—especially during the Holidays? Perhaps you, like so many people, will face relatives or friends this season who have hurt, violated or abandoned you in…

Dec 10, Bryan Hubbard & Lynne McTaggart: What Doctors Don’t Tell You – Emotional Pro

December 12th, 2015

Lynne McTaggart realized that patients are more likely to get better when put in charge of their own decision-making! In 1989, following efforts to deal with her own health problems, she and her husband, Bryan Hubbard, began a magazine in England, which they called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.” This year, they are expanding with…

Dec 3, Ann Gadzikowski, Play: Creating a Beautiful Mess – Emotional Pro

December 5th, 2015

Welcome to a time of year involving great celebration! Will you take these holidays “seriously,” or will you take the opportunity to play? This week’s guest wants us to remember that “raising a child isn’t a series of right or wrong answers; it’s a playful joyous experience.” Ann Gadzikowski is interested in helping us foster…