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David Eby, Resonate with Inspiration: Using Music to Expand & Transcend – Emotional Pro

June 27th, 2014

David Eby is a movie star.  Well, he starred in one movie….”Finding Happiness”…that we featured on our show in January of this year.  The beautiful and soul-satisfying music in that film was often conducted or created by David. As a resident of Ananda Village and its musical director for a long while, David knows music […]

Shirley Sanders, Sessy’s Journey: 60 Years and Three Generations of Wisdom – Emotional Pro

June 19th, 2014

When I called Shirley Sanders to ask her if she would like to appear on this show, she was giddy and happy. She was turning 83 the following day; and she’d just returned from a very successful book signing for her very first book, “Sessy’s Journey, 60 Years and three Generations of Wisdom”. I heard […]

Sonja Rechnitzer, Get Answers for Your Life from a Most Reliable Source! – Emotional Pro

June 13th, 2014

There is no way you cannot be part of the “spiritual explosion” that is now occurring! It’s making some things much harder, yet opening doors to places and abilities we never thought possible or reachable for us humans. This has GOT to be bringing up questions for you. And so, I invite Accessing Universal Intelligence’s […]

June 6, Julie Renee-Doering with "Brain Rejuvenation: The 100% You Formula" – Emotional Pro

June 4th, 2014

Julie Renee-Doering with “Brain Rejuvenation:  The 100% You Formula” Lots of e-mail crosses my desk. But when I received a message from Julie, I just knew we needed to talk with her, hear from her. As a child, Julie was exposed to radiation from testing of the Atomic Bomb. This was devastating, taking her through […]